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How many software platforms do you use to juggle academic assignments, personal projects, and start up work? If you are all about efficiency, MDB is the student-tailored platform for you! MDB has a pocket to organize and prioritize tasks to hold students accountable, leading to time well spent on quality work and tracking deadlines. This personal backpack is your student tool to making sure your best foot is always forward, no matter what step along the journey.

Project Management

Organize and Collect Work

Cloud Based

Digital Platform

Three Pockets

There will be three digital pockets that make up the foundation of a student's Digital Backpack. These initial three pockets are to help students organize, manage, and display their accumulated works.


The Project Pocket is where students organize and manage their creative, personal and professional works.


The Portfolio Pocket is for students to display and showcase their polished projects. This personalized galleria is used to present to colleagues, professors, potential investors and employers.


The Purpose Pocket is for students to build upon their personal goals, plans of action, visions, mission statements, inspirations and reflections, in order to track progress and stay motivated.

Digital Bulletin Board

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Beta Testing Phase: March 31st 2017

For Students By Students

The concept of MyDigital Backpack was developed in a classroom at Arizona State University. In the summer of 2016, the MyDigital Backpack team was thrilled to learn that they had won a spot in the Venture Devils Edson Cohort! The Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative is providing the team with resources like funding, mentorship, and office space at Skysong propelling us onward.


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